Hiring a Digital Agency?

Apparently outsourcing would allow you to focus on whatever you do best while leaving the nitty gritty to online marketing professionals. But choosing a right digital agency is never an easy job.


What you need to ask when choosing a digital agency

Based on our experience, you should ask youself or agencies the following questions before making a decision:

1. What exactly should I get from the agency?
A better website? Traffic to my website? Direct online sales? Lead generation? Branding? Can I have more?

2. When should I expect visible results for me?
Too soon is not always good. See what your agency has to say about it.

3. Do I know exactly what matters for my business when it comes to keywords?
If I put all my products/keywords in order of importance, what would that list look like? Have I taken customers' Life Time Value into consideration?

4. Is there anything else I should do for the digital campaigns?
Can I just lay back and enjoy?

5. Am I safe with you?
Can we make sure that your techniques mean no penalties for our website?

6. What about my competitors?
Are you working with them as well?

7. What's the exit strategy for me?
When the online campaigns are finished, will I be able to keep what has been achieved in the long run?

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